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Are you stuck on finding a design you need? Let our experienced digitizing department take an image you already have and customize it to your needs. Our commitment is to develop trust with our customers based on good quality and good service. Eagle Eye Digitizing is one of the top digitizing specialist along with Vector Artwork solutions. our priority is saving our clients money by providing excellent quality, fast turnaround and competitive prices.

  • Digitizing Service

    Embroidery digitizing services are offered from company or team of professionals that are equipped with latest computer application and its compatible machines. This team works on client behalf and process the embroidery design sample from scanning to digitizing it. You think it is easy work because computer technology is incorporating into it? No, it is not that. Still when computer and digital work has brought revolution in embroidery designing and its production; a team of embroidery digitizing professionals tend to work on every single stitch, thread types, and its overall look. This is what Eagle EYE Digitizing does and this how we are known as the leader among our contemporaries in the industry.

  • Vector Art

    Eagle Eye Digitizing artists create and convert images from TIF, JPG, GIF and other image formats to vector format. The completed image can be sized without loss of clarity, ensuring excellent final reproduction results. Our artists work on both PC and MAC platforms. The software utilized includes Illustrator, Corel, Photoshop, Freehand amongst others. Our skilled production team can help bring your ideas and designs to life.

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